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SKYTRAX ranking 2020
Renowned improvement in the quality of service for Groupe ADP's Airports 
both in Paris and abroad

Paris-Charles de Gaulle now ranks 20th best worldwide Airport
Paris-Orly wins 63 spots and is the World's most improved Airport
6 Airports among the 100 best worldwide


Groupe ADP has outperformed its main competitors with 6 airports of its network among the 100 best worldwide airports in terms of customer's satisfaction and quality of service, as shown by the results of the last Skytrax ranking (2020 edition), known as a benchmark in the air transport industry.
Parisian Airports are improving significantly.
-  Paris-Charles de Gaulle moves up ten spots and now ranks 20th best worldwide Airports;
-  Terminal 3 at Paris-Charles de Gaulle is named "World's Best Low-Cost Airlines Terminal";
-  Paris-Orly is awarded "World's Most Improved Airport", wins 63 positions and ranks 76th place into the top 100 of the best airports in the world.

Paris Airports have been doubly rewarded in the latest Skytrax ranking, which thus rewards the daily commitment of Groupe ADP's teams and all stakeholders (airlines, safety companies, airport providers, States services, etc.) in order to improve the reception and quality of services for passengers.

Paris-Charles de Gaulle now 20th worldwide continues to rise, year after year, in the Skytrax ranking. As a reminder, it was ranked 94th in 2014. 
Terminal 3 was named " World's Best Low-Cost Airlines Terminal", and Hall M of Terminal 2E is acclaimed as the 4th best boarding lounge in the world. Regarding shopping and passenger services, Paris-Charles de Gaulle wins 1 place and ranks 6th worldwide for the shopping offer and experience. Paris-Charles de Gaulle also belongs into the top 10 worldwide for leisure activity offer inside terminals.
At Paris-Charles de Gaulle, several major infrastructure works are underway (connection of the terminal 1 international satellites, junction building between terminals 2B and 2D) which will further help to improve the experience offered to passengers, once the traffic will be restored.  

Concerning Paris-Orly, the airport is thus awarded the title of "World's Most Improved Airport" with the highest progression in the global ranking (+63 places). As a result, and for the first time, Paris-Orly enters into the top 100 of the best airports and ranks at 76th position worldwide, and clearly presents itself as one of the best international standards' airports.
This success reflects the effort on reception, signage and works undertaken to modernize the airport, with especially the commissioning of new facilities: Orly 4 international pier (in June 2016), then new Orly 3 (in April 2019).
Many airports belonging to the Groupe ADP's network rewarded

Several international airports belonging to the Groupe ADP network were e also honored:
  • In addition to the two Parisian airports, four others airports are among the top 100 airports: Delhi (50th position), Hyderabad (71st), Medina (84th) and Mauritius (92th);
  • Like the Parisian airports, others airports are making significant improvement: Medina moves up23 positions and is among the top 10 "World's Most Improved Airports", while Delhi gained 9 places in the global ranking;
  • Finally, several airports are scoring among the best in their regional area:
    • Mauritius airport ranks 4th among the best airport in Africa;
    • Santiago of Chile airport ranks 7th among the best airports in South America;
    • Indira Ghandi International airport of Delhi, operated by GMR Airports, is ranked 1st airport in Central Asia and India;
    • Finally, three airports operated by TAV Airports are part of the top 10 in Eastern Europe: Riga (5th position), Tbilisi (8th place) and Skopje (9th place).  

Proud of these ranking, Groupe ADP aims to place Paris-Charles de Gaulle in the Top 15 worldwide best airports, Delhi and Paris-Orly Airports in the Top 50, and five others airports in its network among the Top 100 by 2023.

About the Skytrax ranking
The Skytrax World Airport Awards are based on votes by passengers from all over the world, with more than 13 million questionnaires filled out by customers from over 100 different countries.
This ranking is an acknowledged reference in the field of airport and airline quality.
The survey covers over 500 airports throughout the world and assesses the experiences of passengers in different airport services and key performance indicators for products: check-in, arrivals, transfers, shopping, security and immigration up to the boarding gate.
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