The Groupe ADP foundation and the Alliance pour l'éducation have joined forces to combat failure at school.

Augustin de Romanet, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Groupe ADP, and Laure Kermen- Lecuir, General Representative of the Groupe ADP Foundation are, in tandem, taking over the chairmanship of the Alliance pour l'Éducation in order to develop its innovative work to combat failure at school.  

Unparalleled commitment from corporate sponsor members for the benefit of secondary school children

The revolving governance and the annual renewal of the team of officers of the Alliance pour l'éducation are a guarantee of the mobilisation, like the openness of the members of this association, which was launched in 2013 by seven founding businesses, and which strives to prevent secondary school pupils from dropping out of school.

Collective action

Based on corporate sponsorship and inter-association initiatives, the Alliance pour l'éducation offers a comprehensive support programme for secondary school students at risk of dropping out of school. The schemes put in place aim to rekindle the youngsters’ motivation for learning and to get the families involved, by mobilising around them and their priority education establishments the players and resources of the local areas.
Twelve businesses* have pledged their commitment to this project since its launch and the Alliance currently has nine partner associations of all sizes.
The programme, which has been developed in collaboration with these partners and with education experts, is being rolled out across a number of areas, through a network of youth and family support associations and local businesses. These businesses provide essential financial and human resources by encouraging their employees to get involved in the various schemes.

Joining forces and establishing innovative ways to inspire young people and bring schools and businesses together

Some of the schemes include arranging meetings with inspiring role models and professionals from all walks of life and creating new experiences for young people so as to gradually restore their thirst for learning, their ambition and their desire to take control of their future.
A number of methods and tools for working together while respecting individual skills and differences have been developed through the various projects already undertaken and have opened the door to  the  business  world  for  both  participating  students  and  colleges.  One innovative element of the project is the classroom activity programme brought to schools through new collaborations between teachers and volunteer professionals. This scheme includes developing and promoting individual skills through project work and relaxation workshops.

The rollout of regional Alliances

The Alliance pour l’Éducation currently offers support  to 250 young people every year in      13 REP(+) priority education network secondary schools in five départements within the Paris region through its comprehensive one-to-one programme. Its classroom programme reaches approx. 3,000 youngsters each year.
Following successful trials in the Paris region and initial results which confirm the importance of this prevention work, the Alliance is expanding to include the Créteil and Versailles education authorities and intends to roll out this model in many other regions. Between now and 2020, the goal is to offer priority education support, in both urban and rural areas, to 900 secondary school students through the comprehensive 2nd to 4th year programme, and to 11,000 pupils via the classroom projects. In addition, the hope is to forge new corporate sponsorship relationships, both private and public.
* Groupe ADP Foundation (active member), Caisse des Dépôts sponsorship (founding member), CNP Assurances Foundation (active member), Deloitte (active founding member), Fondation France Télévisions (founding member), HSBC Foundation for Education (founding member), IMERYS (active member), S’accomplir ManpowerGroup Foundation (founding member-contributor in kind), Groupe RATP Foundation (active member), SAFRAN (active member), Groupe SNCF Foundation (active founding member), Total Foundation (active founding member).
** Of the first 4th year students to complete the scheme in June last year, 71% obtained their Diplôme National du Brevet and 96% gained admission to a general, technological or vocational lycée. For every single one of them, it was their first or second choice. A post-programme follow-up has been put in place to offer continued support and motivation.

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