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Connect 2020 Strategic plan for the 2016-2020 period

Augustin de Romanet

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Aéroports de Paris

"CONNECT 2020, the Aéroports de Paris strategic plan for the 2016-2020 period, espouses the vision of the airport as a node connecting local areas, passengers, airlines and the multiple skills of the men and women who work there every day. In a changing world, where the major airport
cities are in competition, our task remains the same - connecting people with one another, guaranteeing the fastest and smoothest traffic of goods and services - but it obliges us to be more efficient.
Our strategic plan for the next five years is based on the Economic Regulation Agreement (ERA) that we have just signed with the French government, but it goes much further than that. It is a plan that nurtures the competitiveness of the whole air transport sector and local areas.

With CONNECT 2020, Aéroports de Paris wishes to express its full potential to pursue the ambition of being a leader in airport design, construction and operations.
For the next five years, we have defined three main strategic priorities: to optimise, to attract and to expand, that apply to all our activities.

Optimise by making the most of our resources in order to improve operational efficiency and provide a better service for the airlines. Over the next five years, we are undertaking an unprecedented capital expenditure programme of €4.6 billion, of which €3 billion is allocated to regulated activities, including our core business: airports. We are also continuing with our efforts in productivity, by bringing costs per passenger down by 8%.

Attract by targeting excellence in order to always better connect passengers, airlines and employees and capture a share of global growth here in Paris. Now that our customers have more and more choice, it is essential to make Paris their preferred choice. We have to target excellence to enhance the attractiveness of the Charles de Gaulle hub, in order to guarantee a world-class passenger experience that is also unique and differentiating. We also have to attract new talent and promote personal fulfilment among our employees and ultimately enhance our brand.

Expand - that is, nurture and share sustainable growth through the opening up of new horizons and positioning the company as a global player in integrated development. Our airports have no borders and we have to share the fruits of our growth with local areas, and also project our expertise in airport design, engineering and management, internationally, by bringing into play the synergies between our businesses and subsidiaries.
By successfully completing the many projects defined within the framework of these three strategic priorities, our Group is clearly giving itself the means to become a world leader in its field, recognised for its excellence and thereby secure its future serving local areas."

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