Groupe ADP, Airbus, Air France-KLM, ATR, Dassault Aviation, Safran and Thalès welcome the declaration on future sustainability and decarbonisation of aviation alongside European institution

With this landmark declaration, Europe becomes the first region worldwide to have reached an agreement between public authorities and private stakeholders on a broad decarbonisation aviation platform.
Airbus, ATR, Groupe ADP, Air France-KLM, Dassault Aviation, Safran and Thalès confirm their commitment to a collective approach to address the challenges of a transition to sustainability aviation.

European industry leaders - Airbus, Air France-KLM, ATR, Dassault Aviation, Groupe ADP, Safran and Thalès - welcome the declaration made in Toulouse by the European Commission and Member States under the French EU Presidency. Together:
- We welcome the commitments of the European Commission and Member States to work with the European aviation industry to achieve the decarbonization of the sector by 2050 in alignment with the Destination 2050 roadmap;
- We will continue to invest in the maturation, development and implementation of decarbonisation technologies - notably operations, next-generation aircraft and engines, Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and synthetic fuels - and look to  institutions to support the development and deployment of innovations, especially through proven public-private research partnership instruments (such as Clean Aviation, SESAR, and CORAC) as well as appropriate support policies to accelerate fleet renewal and SAF incorporation under viable economic conditions for all stakeholders;
- We urge the European Commission to implement the alliances that will be critical to align the entire ecosystem around this joint ambition, particularly the renewable and Low-carbon Fuels value chain industrial Alliance, the Alliance for Zero Emission Aviation and the European raw materials Alliance;
- We also welcome the call for all partners worldwide to work together towards the adoption at the 41st ICAO Assembly of an ambitious long-term aspirational goal (LTAG) for international aviation.
- We call for the commitments taken by the European Union to be adopted across the world to accelerate the decarbonation of our industry. In the meantime, we urge the European Union to implement mechanisms to ensure a level playing field and to avoid any carbon leakage linked  to distortion of competition across the players of the global aviation ecosystem.

This common statement highlights the wish to establish a European map defining the volumes of biomass deposit available for the production of SAF, as well as the production capacities of synthetic fuel. It calls for better research on disruptive aeronautical technologies (aircraft, engines), to put in place regulatory mechanisms to facilitate the replacement of aircraft and to pursue initiatives to optimize trajectories and fuel consumption.