Groupe ADP renews its consulting and engineering offer by creating "Groupe ADP Airport Services" to meet the transformation challenges of tomorrow's airports

Groupe ADP Airport Services Group is a high value-added consulting and engineering offer in airport development, operations and management that draws on the expertise of its employees, partners and subsidiaries to meet the transformation needs of airports worldwide.

In many countries, particularly in Europe and North America, the market for major global hubs has reached maturity and new societal expectations in terms of the environment, health and safety are leading the airport industry to reinvent itself. In other countries, certain developing markets have yet to be consolidated and new regional airports need to be built.
In this context, Groupe ADP is launching Groupe ADP Airport Services, its new commercial offer to export its know-how, thanks to its locations and its strong international references.

This offer is based on three main pillars:
- Infrastructure development: from the initial phase of programming and feasibility studies to the completion of infrastructure projects and optimization of existing airports. These different areas of expertise gathered - in architecture and design, engineering, program management and project management assistance - are aimed at designing and developing more sustainable and innovate airports.
- Airport operations: with a full range of technical services to ensure the highest standards in terms of airports operations and maintenance (terminals, baggage sorters, runways, etc.), safety and security, as well as passenger experience. It is also about meeting the challenges of the airport's stakeholders (airlines and subcontractors) to achieve world-class performance in terms of operations management and energy transition.
- Asset management: which involves top-notch consulting expertise to leverage return on investment and develop both aeronautical (fees and taxes) and non-aeronautical (travel retail, F&B, shops, lounges, real estate, etc.) revenues. This also includes planning and optimizing on operating expenses and capital expenditures long-term strategies, but also "route development" and aviation marketing policy.
As one of the few "pure players" in the airport industry, Groupe ADP, its partners, subsidiaries, and brands (TAV Airports, ADP International, Hub One, Hologarde, Merchant Aviation, Extime, etc.) provide a global expertise – as designer, investor, and operator – that has successfully been tested in 50 countries and 125 airports of all sizes.

Along the two last decades, Groupe ADP has led and delivered more than 1,000 airport projects in Paris and around the world. This combination of experience, expertise and know-how has only been possible thanks to a state-of-the-art mastery of all the key areas of the airport industry: airport planning, operations and maintenance, passenger experience, cargo, advanced air mobility, new technologies and cyber security, airport sustainability...
So the expert teams of Groupe ADP Airport Services provide their clients with all the components of an integrated offer to shape the airports of tomorrow.

Xavier Hürstel, Deputy Executive Officer of Groupe ADP in charge of the group's Development Operations, stated:  "With Groupe ADP Airport Services, our international strategy is now based on a fully integrated global service offering, which will enable us to respond more effectively to the development needs of our clients, which are airports all over the world and of all sizes. These needs are multifaceted and sometimes require highly specialized expertise, provided by our employees throughout the group, which could previously be difficult to bring together. This new offer contributes to the development of a model of airports oriented towards sustainability and performance, in line with our strategic vision "2025 Pioneers", on which we want to share with the entire airport sector."

Thierry de Séverac, Chief Engineering Capital Project and Technical Officer of Groupe ADP, added: "Airport engineering remains one of the major areas of expertise in our service offering. Today, we are gaining in agility, consulting capacity and innovation through the pooling of expertise developed both within our Paris airports and in our international locations, notably within our American consulting office Merchant Aviation."

A global service offering and a single point of entry
that includes several brands and subsidiaries

  • Extime: hospitality and travel retail.
  • Hologarde: drone detection system.
  • Hub One: telecoms, traceability and cyber security.
  • Merchant Aviation: consulting, master planning and engineering.
  • ATU: Duty free stores.
  • TAV Operations: hospitality and travel retail services.
  • TAV Technologies: telecoms, biometrics.
  • Cakes & Bakes: bakery and tea room.
  • Havas: ground handling.
  • PrimeClass: lounges and salons.
  • BTA: stores, bars and restaurants.
  • GIS: technologies.
  • Passport: loyalty program, CRM.
  • LoungeMe: lounges and lounges.
  • HelloSky: lounges and lounges.
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