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Groupe ADP reopens terminal 1 at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport and unveils a new passenger pathway

Groupe ADP is reopening Terminal 1 to passengers, which had been closed since March 30, 2020 due to the COVID crisis. All the terminals of the Paris airports are now open, thus turning the page on the health crisis. After several months of modernisation work, this reopening is accompanied by the unveiling of a brand new passenger pathway, fully embodying the requirements of service, quality and hospitality.

"This reopening symbolically marks the end of the COVID-19 pandemic for the Paris airports. We decided to give new life to this almost fifty-year-old infrastructure by modernising the existing building, fully in line with the work of Paul Andreu. Terminal 1, still a pioneer, embodies the renewal of the welcome and hospitality at Paris airports, and in particular the best in design and culture that we wish to offer to our passengers", emphasises Augustin de Romanet, Chairman and CEO of Groupe ADP.

A transformation of the existing building, in line with the work of Paul Andreu

This commisioning is at the heart of Groupe ADP's hospitality and service quality strategy. It is marked by the modernisation of the central body (marble flooring, digital signage, change of LED lights, new smartisation equipment) and a brand new international passenger path, culminating with a new 5,600 sq.m boarding hall.
The creation of these new areas was made possible by the connection between satellites 1, 2 and 3 of Terminal 1. This is the first stage, imagined and validated by Paul Andreu during his lifetime; his final and ultimate vision residing the complete linking of the seven original satellites. 

A transformation of the existing infrastructure to improve quality of service and passenger experience

Passengers will be able to benefit from an infrastructure that meets the highest standards of service quality and hospitality that Groupe ADP has set itself.
The creation of a new passenger pathway was indeed an opportunity to deploy all our know-how in this area :

  • of Operational Performance:
    - Simplification of the route: a single entrance for the international zone instead of four tunnels, and installation of self-boarding equipment to facilitate boarding.
    - Creation of space: before and after the screening checkpoints, to facilitate controls, but also in the new boarding hall.
  • of design: the boarding lounge offered by Extime (Groupe ADP's hospitality brand) was designed and imagined by two French designers, Maxime Liautard and Hugo Toro, who were partners at the time but now work in separate agencies, and offers a unique design and hospitality experience around the theme "Paris est une fête ".
  • of culture: which unfolds in exhibition spaces integrated from the design of the infrastructure, in the access tunnel to the new international boarding hall:
    - The balladeof  Paris (access tunnel to the new departure lounge): Jean-François Rauzier offers a successive discovery of reproductions of Parisian monuments and elements of architecture, presenting the city of Paris in a surrealist, offbeat way, by juxtaposing photographs and images.
    - Archisable (public area, departure level): a photographic exhibition paying tribute to the work of Paul Andreu, through the ephemeral work on sand of some sixty architects.
    - Paris les numéros 1 (reserved area, satellite 3, arrivals level): photographs produced by Thierry Bouët, who walked the streets of the twenty districts of the capital to photograph the numbers 1 of each of them.

Terminal 1 key figures

Commissioning date : March, 1974.
Annual capacity : 10.2 million passengers.

Original complex : a central body of 195,000 sq.m, and 7 boarding satellites (with a surface area of 5,600 sq.m each). This central body is composed by 10 levels:
- level 1 : baggage handling
- level 2 : departures, shops and offices
- level 3 : departures
- level 4 : transfers (aircrafts access)
- level 5 : arrivals
- level 6 : technical and administrative services access to car park
- levels 7, 8 et 9 : car park
- level 10 : offices
A new junction building: 36,000 sq.m, including a new 5,600 sqm boarding hall.

- Nearly 90 baggage drop-off points and 130 bornes self-service check-in kiosks for multiple airlines, making Terminal 1 the best equipped terminal at Paris-CDG.
- All boarding gates on the international route are equipped with self-boarding gates to facilitate boarding.

Airlines companies: 36 will operate at Terminal 1 (assignements finalised mid-january 2023).
Aircraft positions: 15 large and 16 medium aircraft parks.

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