Groupe ADP wins several contracts in the United States for consulting and airport planning services

Merchant Aviation, a US based aviation strategic and design consulting firm, member of Groupe ADP, just won with ADP Ingénierie a series of new contracts in the United States of America to provide various services in airports planning for airports authorities and major international airports of the country.

Strategic planning and design services for Terminal 8 (managed by American Airlines) expansion at John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) International Airport, New York:
Within the overall multibillion JFK redevelopment program, New York State Governor has launched a $340million project to expand the current terminal 8. American Airlines, which operates this terminal, has chosen Merchant Aviation team to provide a creative and innovative Terminal planning and conceptual design of this terminal. Merchant Aviation is therefore in charge of developing both the strategic plan and the  conceptual design linked to the terminal 8 expansion, while improving passenger experience and providing operational and safety efficiency. The enhanced terminal facility will be commissioned in 2022.

On-call airport planning contract on Denver International Airport:
Boosted by the dynamic growth in its international traffic, Denver International Airport recently chose Merchant Aviation for an on-call planning contract for the next 3 years with a wide scope of services. This contract includes terminal planning, airside and landside planning, operational planning, cargo planning, FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) compliance and ATC (Air Traffic Control) procedures coordination. Passenger traffic forecasts, modeling and simulation services, financial feasibility studies, Airport zoning and land use studies are also in the scope of the contract.

On-call planning services for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) regarding five airports (JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, Teterboto and Stewart):
PANYNJ recently selected several consulting firms to provide planning services on its airports network composed of 12 runways and 14 passenger terminals serving more than 120 million passengers per year. As part of this mission, Merchant Aviation will provide, for the next four years, the following services: airport facility planning and forecasting, aeronautical technical services and operational planning services, airport capacity planning, security planning, properties and commercial development studies, customer experience and digital innovation studies, safety management systems with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) coordination.

Program coordination and planning for the replacement of the Central Terminal at LaGuardia Airport, New-York:
The replacement of the LaGuardia Central Terminal Building – which has 35-boarding gate –is currently one of the largest aviation capital improvement projects underway in the USA. PANYNJ has awarded this large public-private partnership contract to LaGuardia Gateway Partners. Merchant Aviation is assisting American Airlines (which accounts for more than 55% of airline activity in the terminal's activity) in order to coordinate the relocation of its installations within the new terminal.  

About Merchant Aviation
Merchant Aviation (Mav), member of Groupe ADP, is a full-service aviation consulting firm focusing on Airport Development initiatives with innovative, holistic solutions for today’s result-oriented aviation decision makers. Its principals have worked at more than 50 airports around the world. Merchant Aviation is part with ADP Ingénierie of the global and integrated offer that Groupe ADP now offers through ADP International. Their experience includes strategic visioning, airport planning, design and construction, airline operational planning and financial feasibility studies working with Airlines, Airports and Regulatory agencies. This experience translates to an acute understanding of navigating the multifaceted relationships between FAA, airports, airlines and the passengers they serve. Its holistic, strategic and innovative approach to development of large-scale airport capital improvement programs provides excellent passenger experience, enhanced operational efficiencies, and balanced capacity, all while maintaining and growing airport Revenues.
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