Paris Aéroport unveils a new evolving mural on the frontage of ORLY 4, reflecting the airport's commitment to its environmental transition

Communication through proof. This is the credo of the new living mural which is displayed from today on the 3,375 sq.m ORLY 4 frontage.
Its originality lies in its evolutionary nature: deliberately unfinished on the day of its installation, it will be colored as the airport takes action to decarbonize its activities and preserve biodiversity. The stated objective is ambitious: carbon neutrality on the ground by 2025.

"This frontage reflects our role as a responsible manager. Paris-Orly Airport's commitment to decarbonizing its operations is strong but not new. The airport has always been at the forefront in this area. Today, we must go further, do more and faster, and we want to make this known to passengers, our partners and the areas surrounding the airport", said Augustin de Romanet, Chairman and CEO of  Groupe ADP.

"Paris-Orly Airport, which has not used airside chemicals since 2015, is already certified by the "Eco jardin" labels, a first for an airport platform, and has risen to the highest level of the "aérobio" label. These initial successes motivate us to achieve, after our carbon neutrality by 2025, our ultimate goal of zero net emissions on the ground by 2030", stated Justine Coutard, Paris-Orly Airport Chieff Officer.

A project to shape a beautiful, sustainable and desirable Paris-Orly
This original fresco was born from the reflections of two young French artists: Pangea. For this project, Laëtitia Rouget and Colombine Jubert merged their visions to imagine a poetic and borderless future. The first is a painter and ceramist, the second is a stylist and creative director. Together, they fight for optimism by creating a hybrid utopia mixing art, fashion and performance.
"We see this mural as a message of hope, where the symbols of heaven, earth, water and man balance each other." Pangea

Eleven actions for a more respectful airport
The aim of this evolving work is to highlight what has already been achieved at Paris-Orly airport, but also,   and this is the main point, to present new actions, over the months and years, until 2025.

- Rainwater reuse:
Paris-Orly has the largest airport rainwater treatment system in Europe. Today, this treated water is reused to cool our industrial equipment and to supply the sanitary facilities at Orly 1 and 2, saving 150,000 cu.yd of drinking water per year, or 20% of annual consumption. This system will be extended to Orly 3 in the fall of 2022 and to Orly 4 by the end of 2023.

- Geothermal heating:
Paris-Orly airport has had its own geothermal well since 2010. This efficient, renewable energy with a low carbon footprint enables the airport to avoid an average of 6,500 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

- Aeronautical grasslands:
More than 30% of the airport's airside surfaces are grasslands treated without any phytosanitary products. And this since 2015. This allows for a fauna and flora unparalleled in Ile-de-France: more than 200 species of plants and 100 different species of birds.

- the filtering marshes:
The rain that falls on the airport carries with it the products used in particular for snow removal and decicing of runways. Since 2014, a filtering marsh has been used to naturally clean the water thanks to the oxygenating action of its 34,000 reeds.

This is only the beginning of the story. Between now and end of 2025, new actions in areas as varied as the desoiling of concrete surfaces, electrification of vehicles, improvement of the efficiency of waste heat, decarbonization of aircraft taxiing, and arrival of line 14 of the Grand Paris Express Metro will enrich this mural and enable Paris-Orly Airport to continue its efforts and its approach to decarbonization and biodiversity preservation.
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