Groupe ADP and La Poste experiment with Tripperty: a holding service for items not permitted on board

Since the start of 2018, Groupe ADP and Le Groupe La Poste have been experimenting with Tripperty, a new service that allows passengers to request the storage or reshipment of their items not permitted on board, in terminals 2E (halls L and M) and 2F at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. Held at security checkpoint areas, these items can now be reclaimed by passengers by post or at the airport’s baggage storage area with the help of our partner Bagages du monde.

13% of passengers have one or more pohibited items confiscates before borading their flight. In 2017, 14 tonnes of items prohibited on board were held at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, inclunding a "grand cru of Bordeaux" bottle wine, a wooden sword and a car clutch.
Having to abandon highly sentimental or expensive items can certainly be an upstetting way to strart one's journey. According to a recent IATA study, one of the main points of stress in the passenger's journey is having an item confiscated during pre-boarding screening.
Each year, hundreds of items must be left behind prior to boarding, as international security measures do not allow prohibited items to be brought onto an aircraft. Until now, these items have been placed in storage and eventually destroyed.

Tripperty: an innovative solution born from an intrapreneurship challenge at La Poste
Born from the association of a team of intrapreneurs from Le Groupe La Poste1 and teams from the Groupe ADP Innovation Hub programme, this new service demonstrates the capacity of large groups to work together to develop a practical innovation that addresses a concrete need of passengers.

How does it work?
Thanks to the Tripperty service, when items not permitted in the cabin are held at security controls, passengers now have the option to reclaim them at the airport’s baggage storage area via Bagages du monde, or to have them sent by post. The item is then placed in a package. In exchange, the passenger receives a receipt and a notice explaining the procedure to follow to reclaim it.
After passing through security controls, the passenger opens the application at and chooses the method to reclaim the item after entering the number corresponding to the package. The package can then be held at the airport’s luggage service for two weeks (€10) or sent by post (€15 in France – €20 in Europe – €30 international).

This experiment is initially being carried out in terminal 2F and in halls L and M of terminal 2E at Paris- Charles de Gaulle. By the end of the year, this service will be deployed in the other terminals of Paris-Orly and Paris Charles-de Gaulle.

"Alongside innovations launched with start-ups, co-innovation between large groups is now an important avenue for the development of new services. By partnering with Le Groupe La Poste to roll out this service-oriented innovation, we are stepping up our efforts to serve passengers: the logistical expertise of La Poste, combined with Groupe ADP’s knowledge of the airport field," said Edward Arkwright, Groupe ADP Deputy CEO.

"It is truly rewarding for the Tripperty teams to be able to experiment with this service at the Paris Airport. Our aim is to be able to improve passengers’ experience and reduce their irritants," added Yves Kerboriou, Director of the Tripperty project.


1 The Tripperty team is a winner of the 2015 edition of “20 projects for 2020” competition, an initiative offering each employee the chance to pitch innovative projects aimed at developing new service activities.

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