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Covid-19: Groupe ADP signs a partnership with Cerballiance,
to ease the carrying out of the screening tests
due to travels for passengers

Thanks to this partnership, departing passengers can make an appointment in a laboratory of the Cerballiance network or directly at the airports screening centers, first implemented at Paris-Orly, then also at Paris-Charles de Gaulle. At the Parisian airports, passengers will be able to obtain a result within 48 hours for a RT-PCR test and within 1 to 2 hours for an antigenic test.

1/ The Cerballiance network, in partnership with Groupe ADP, provides its skills in town and settle into the Parisian airports to perform antigenic or RT-PCR tests depending on the destination and medical indications
Current health standards differ between destinations and countries. For now, many countries still only recognize the validity of the RT-PCR Tests – and not antigenic tests - of less than 48 or 72 hours for admission of passengers coming from France.
In order to check out the requirements of the country of arrival, passengers have to contact their airlines and can also consult the websites Paris.Aé and France diplomatie, to find out the precise health conditions of their trip.
Passengers departing from Paris airports will be able to perform their antigenic or RT-PCR tests in a Cerballiance laboratory in town or directly at the airport in the screening center, made available for this laboratory by Groupe ADP, starting November 6th, 2020 at Paris-Orly, then the following week at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, by making an appointment online.
Booking slots will be available on website to guarantee travelers support during a given time slot. Once on the doctolib website, you must indicate "Cerballiance" and you will find the reference in city center as well as those of Cerballiance at Paris-Orly airport, then at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport on the week of November 9th.
Online reservations on doctolib will start from November 5th, at 6:00 PM.
Please note: you must have your plane ticket to get your screening test.

2/ Antigenics tests primarily concern French Overseas territories
On October 17th, the French government allow the use of antigenic tests (for which results can be obtained more quickly than an RT-PCR test) for passengers traveling on flights to French Overseas territories. Dedicated immediately to passengers bound for French Overseas territories, this antigenic testing device is expected to gradually increase in load, as other destinations or countries allow the use of these antigenics tests.
The list of countries or cities - which currently recognize antigenic tests to enter their territory or are in the working process of doing it - is mentioned in the appendix.
3/ Guaranteed deadlines for test results
To take your plane with complete peace of mind, the main advice remains to anticipate the completion of your test (antigenic or RT-PCR) and owning the negative Covid-19 result before coming to the airport.
Booking slots will be available on website, allowing French passengers to guarantee support during a given time slot. Morning reservation slots (from 7:00 A.M to 11:00 A.M) will be dedicated for antigenic tests, while those in the afternoon will be for RT-PCR tests.

- For antigenic tests: the result of the test is about 2 hours maximum after the arrival at the screening center; the time to carry out all the stages of screening (reception sampling, analysis, administrative formalities and sending of the result). Passengers will receive proof in hard copy at the end of their test to show durint the boarding.
For security reasons, for those who are required to be tested at the airport on the day of their flight, allow two hours between your arrival to the screening center and the delivery of the result.

- For RT-PCR tests: the results is sent to passengers electronically, by SMS or email, and available on the Cerballiance website, within 48 hours maximum.  

4/ Pricing conditions and practical arrangements
To date, these antigenic and PCR tests are supported by the French Heath Insurance, including foreign passengers or those without any social security.
The first screening center implement at Paris-Orly will be operational form Monday to Saturday  from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and Sunday from 7:00 AM to 12:00 AM. Public reception will be interrupted 1 hour before closing time.
This screening center will be located at Orly 1 hall, in arrivals level, in the baggage delivery room.
Please note that access to terminals remains strictly limited to passengers only. So those must bring a plane ticket. to access to this screening center. 
Exact date for the opening of the screening center at Paris-Charles de Gaulle will be unveil later.

Augustin de Romanet, Chairman and CEO of Groupe ADP, stated: "Groupe ADP wishes to ease air travels as far upstream as possible and enables passengers to control the deadlines for Covid-19 screening tests required by the countries of arrival. By signing this partnership with Cerballiance and by implementing its screening centers at Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle airports for departing passengers, Groupe ADP wants to fully play its role to ease the air transport recovery within a complete health security".

Dr.Michel Sala, Medical director of the Cerballiance network, add: "since the beginning of this heath crisis, city biology laboratories have demonstrated unwavering mobilization to support the massive screening strategy. Whether it perform the tests on their own premises, at home, in rest and nursing houses, in Barnum's or today at Groupe ADP terminal, the Cerballiance teams continue to mobilize to stop the epidemic. Through this partnership with Groupe ADP, Cerballiance is delighted to be able to further contribute to the control of the epidemic by allowing travelers to take their flights in the best sanitary conditions".

Appendix: samples of destinations and countries using antigenic and PCR tests (non exhaustive list)
Today, most national regulations of countries request for an RT-PCR test to enter their territory. Several countries are beginning to recognize the validity of faster antigen tests in their domestic rules.
Destinations accepting antigenic tests
to penetrate their territory
Destinations requesting RT-PCR tests
to penetrate their territory

 - French Overseas Territories
 - Italy
 - Germany
 - Los Angeles and San Francisco
 - Canada
 - Panama
 - Bahreïn….
- ...
 - Europe: United-Kingdom, Poland…
 - Africa: Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Ethiopia…
 - Middle-East: Egypt, Jordan, U.A.E,…
 - Americas: Mexico…
 - Asia: Thailand, Hong-Kong, Indonesia…           
 - ….
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