Groupe ADP refurbishes one of the three runways
at Paris-Le Bourget Airport

Groupe ADP has started the refurbishment of runway 03/21 at Paris-Le Bourget Airport. Until October 5 th, a hundred fellows of NGE Group will take turns to restore 1,800 meters of asphalt.
With a length of 2,665 meters, runway 03/21 at Paris-Le Bourget Airport was built in 1945-1946 before commissioning in 1951. The original structure of the road consists of a layer of bituminous surface (bearing + bond), whose thickness varies from 9 cm to 11 cm over the central thirty meters.
Following Groupe ADP's laboratory assets and after more than 25 years of service, a rehabilitation was necessary to restore certain parts of the wearing course.

"It is these surface that we need to refurbish. The lower layers show no structural defects. We therefore only renovate what is strictly necessary. However, we wanted to do everything possible to promote the recycling of the elements. We are therefore going to recycle the asphalt in this new surface, allowing us to achieve a material recycling rate of over 40 %", underlines Thierry de Séverac, Engineering and Planning Director of Groupe ADP.

Runway 03/21 is mainly used daily to run operations of runway 07-25, in order to reach different aprons but also for take-off and landing during the "Paris Air show", which takes place every two years.
"Groupe ADP trusted us thanks to the skills acquired on our major motorway projects and our airport references [Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly, provincial airports and military bases]. We have invested in airport-specific security training for all our employees and have specifically developed a mobile geofencing application (virtual barrier in GPS geolocation) called « RedLight by NGE » to secure the moves of our machines. We are using our largest asphalt plant to produce 400 tonnes of asphalt per hour. Finally, as part of our quality and environmental approach, the planed asphalt mixes are upgraded in the asphalt formulations and implemented around the beacon or sanitation manholes along the track" said Yoann André, Major Works Director at NGE.
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