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Groupe ADP announces the unanimous signature by the representative trade unions of a collective mutually agreed termination agreement

Groupe ADP, as all companies in the air transport sector, is hit with full force by the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis. In this context, Groupe ADP needs to adapt to move from a development- supporting model to a model managing a situation of reduced activities and investments.

To achieve this, a set of three indissociable agreements - collective mutually agreed termination, collective performance agreement and long-term partial activity - has been proposed for negotiation to the representative trade unions of ADP SA on August 31th. Management took note, on November 5th, of the non-signature by the majority of trade unions of the proposed agreements.

Nevertheless, in order to give a new chance to social dialogue, and to avoid any imposed departures within ADP SA, the management wished to propose a new draft for a collective mutually agreed termination agreement, which was submitted over the past two weeks for negotiation with the representative trade unions.
Groupe ADP today praises the quality of the social dialogue and the collective spirit of responsibility that has allowed to gather the unanimous signatures of the representative trade unions.

The agreement, which must now be approved by the Direccte, sets the maximum number of voluntary departures at 1,150, of which 700 will not be replaced. In this context, the management commits that no imposed departures under economic reasons will occur until January 1st, 2022.
This agreement is in line with the objective pursued from the start of the social negotiations: to sustainably safeguard the company and preserve its skills while avoiding imposed departures.