Finance & governance

Appointment within Groupe ADP

Augustin de Romanet, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Groupe ADP, appointed Hervé Wattecamps Human Resources Director, member of the Executive Committee. He will take up duties on 9 July.

Hervé Wattecamps, Lieutenant General, 59, is an engineer. He graduated from the Ecole spéciale militaire of Saint Cyr (Saint Cyr Military Academy) and the Ecole de Guerre (War School). For the first twenty years of his carreer, he managed the operations of French alpine troops (27th Mountain Infantry Brigade). He then developed a 15 year-expertise in the area of human resources. In 2012, Hervé Wattecamps became director of the infantry and artillery officer and non-commissioned officer training schools.
Since 2015, he has been Human Resources Director for the French Army, member of the Executive Committee. He devised and conducted change management for the institution's human resources.
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