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Augustin de Romanet is reappointed as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

On May 29th, Augustin de Romanet, Chairman was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aéroports de Paris SA-Groupe ADP, by a decree of the President of the French Republic.

Augustin de Romanet had been reappointed as board member by the General Meeting of Shareholders on May 20th and the meeting of the board of directors on May 20th President of the French Republic to reappoint him as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
Following the hearing of Mr. de Romanet, on May 22nd, by the Sustainable development and Territorial planning committees of the National Assembly and the Senate, in accordance with article 13 of the French Constitution. Each of the committee approved the appointment proposal made by the President of the French republic to reappoint Mr. de Romanet as Head of Aéroports de Paris SA-Groupe ADP.
Augustin de Romanet Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aéroports de Paris SA-Groupe ADP stated:
"I thank the President of the French Republic and the government for their renewed trust. Our priority will be to continue our efforts to welcome the passengers in the best conditions of security and quality of service. We will pursue the development of the Groupe ADP in France and abroad, in close cooperation with the neighboring territories of our platforms."
Groupe ADP main projects undertaken between 2014 and 2019:

- Traffic growth and strengthening hub connectivity:
Between 2014 and 2018, the Parisian airports welcomed nearly 12.7 million additional passengers and in 2017, crossed the symbolic threshold of 100 passengers per year. This growth is largely the result of a Route Development policy to attract traffic to Paris, which led last year to the  record opening of 68 new routes. European leader in international traffic, the Paris hub also offers the best connections with China.

- Achievement of the CDG Express rail link project:
During the last three years, the CDG Express project has reached several key milestones and has now entered an operational phase. The legal framework and the financial scheme of the project have been clarified and defined. The concession contract between the State and  the infrastructure manager was signed in February 2019.

- Improvements of hospitality and quality of service for passengers:
Such as the deployment of the PARAFE (Rapid Automated Crossing of External Borders) security locking doors for automated border passport control or the redesign of the international commercial areas, major efforts have been made to improve customer hospitality and quality of services at the Paris Airports. Paris-Charles de Gaulle had the strongest growth in the Skytrax worldwide rankings from the 94th to the 30th place in 2019.
- Launch of two new brands with "Groupe ADP" and "Paris Aéroport":
The company has deeply transformed, but its brand architecture didn't change since 2005. If the corporate name remains "Aéroports de Paris SA", a new brands universe emerged in 2016 with, on the one hand, "Groupe ADP", an institutional brand which is exportable worldwide, and, on the other hand, "Paris Aéroport", a general public brand deployed over the Parisian airports to talk to the passengers.

- Transfer of the headquarters at the heart of the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport:
To be closer to its customers, airlines and passengers, the group moved its headquarters from Paris city center to the Roissypole area, located at the heart the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport platform since 29 March 2017.

- International deployment and building of a global group:
International activities were reorganized in 2017 with the creation of ADP International and of a network of regional offices. Groupe ADP also carried out structuring operations by taking "controlling" shares in TAV Airports and AIG, the concessionary firm of Amman Airport in Jordan, two companies that are now fully consolidated. In 2018, Groupe ADP became world leader in airport management with 281.4 million passenger [1] and 25 airports worldwide.

- Compliance with the Connect 2020 plan and preparation of the next Economic Regulation Agreement:
In 2016, Groupe ADP implemented a strategic plan called Connect 2020 which involves an unprecedented capital expenditures program to optimize the Parisian aeronautical infrastructures while ensuring increased pricing moderation for airlines, thanks to financial discipline and control of charges. As of today, the Connect 2020 plan has been respected and major facilities have been commissioned on time, such as Orly 3 (junction building of the former southern and western terminals), which embodies the revival of Paris-Orly airport. Other new facilities will follow by the end of 2020 (connection of 2B-2D terminals and terminal 1 satellites fusion at Paris-Charles de Gaulle).
In April 2019, the Groupe ADP also released the Public Consultation Document, This document translates. Groupe ADP’s ambition for the Parisian platforms and the conviction that the quality of the investments it is making to benefit passengers, partners and airlines is the basis for  the competitiveness of the Paris area airports.

Short Bio
Born on 2 April 1961, graduated of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Paris and former student at the National School of Public Administration, Augustin de Romanet was Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Aéroports de Paris SA-Groupe ADP since November 28th 2012.
He has been Managing Director of the "Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations" from March 2007 to March 2012. Previously, he was Deputy Secretary General to the Presidency of the Republic from June 2005 to October 2006 and held senior positions in various ministries. Between 2002 and 2005, he was Chief of Staff to the Minister of State in charge of the budget, Alain Lambert; Deputy Chief of Staff to Francis Mer, Minister for the Economy, Finances and Industry; Chief of Staff to Jean-Louis Borloo, the Minister of Employment, Labor and Social Cohesion and Deputy Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin
[1] see the financial release issued the February 14th 2019
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