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Hub One, a Groupe ADP subsidiary, announces the acquisitions of Oveliane and OïkiaLog to strengthen its position as a major player in cybersecurity and as an SOC operator

Hub One, a Groupe ADP company and an operator of digital technologies, has finalised the acquisitions of Oveliane, an IT system security governance software publisher, and OïkiaLog, specialised in LOG (Security Infrastructure and Event Management: SIEM) consultancy and integration.
These strategic acquisitions reflect an acceleration in Hub One’s strategy of consolidating their position as a key market player in cybersecurity across four main fields, notably training, cyber training, consultancy and audit, and managed services, notably providing SOC (Security Operation Centre) for medium-sized companies such as Operators of Essential Services.

These acquisitions strengthen Hub One’s capacity to implement, configure and monitor an SOC autonomously, a real cybersecurity control tower for any business. Thanks to this technology, Hub One is able to meet the quality requirements of medium-sized companies and key accounts, such as ANSSI [1] , for Operators of Essential Services.
After the acquisition in June 2018 of Sysdream, a recognised expert in cybersecurity with PASSI [2] qualification, these new external growth operations are part of Hub One’s strategy to achieve revenues of between €200 and 300 million in the next three to six years (compared to €155 million in 2018).
OïkiaLog and Oveliane, French-based SMEs established in 2003 and 2010 by Laurent Noë and Jean-Louis Charton, have a payroll of approximately ten employees and posted turnover of €1.2 million in 2018. The Hub One operation derived from a shared desire to strengthen the construction of an SOC offer that integrates as many tools and internal expertise as possible. Both companies are specialised in implementing, integrating and monitoring market-leading logs, security and compliance solutions (Stormshield, Splunk). They also create their own solutions (OSE) for monitoring IT system integrity and compliance (security state), with an approach, which is unique in France, of centralising and analysing states and discrepancies directly related to the IT security policies of its customers.

“This cooperation is a great opportunity for OïkiaLog and Oveliane to take advantage of Hub One’s industrial capacity, as a subsidiary of Groupe ADP, and boost our growth. This will enable us to accelerate development and innovation related to our OSE software solution, which is essential for better meeting current security challenges and our customers’ needs”, said Laurent Noë, Chairman of OïkiaLog and Oveliane.

Guillaume de Lavallade, CEO of Hub One, added that “these acquisitions will enable Hub One to strengthen its positioning and development strategy on the cybersecurity market. We also have rare in-house expertise and essential elements for providing an SOC, by reducing dependence on our non-sovereign tools”.

In addition, Edward Arkwright, Deputy CEO of Groupe ADP and Chairman of Hub One stated,“the cybersecurity market is experiencing significant growth and we would like to capitalise to accelerate Hub One’s positioning as a serious player with the ability to meet sector-specific requirements and constraints, such as in the air transport sector”.

About Hub One
Hub One is a digital technologies operator for companies and public organisations. A leader in the digital transformation in fields with security constraints, Hub One has three main areas of expertise, namely high-speed connectivity, professional software and cybersecurity. Hub One offers leading technology through tested solutions that are tailored to professional uses. 
With more than 10 regional branches and 550 employees serving 5,000 customers, Hub One posted turnover of €155 million in 2018. Hub One is part of Groupe ADP, a fully-owned subsidiary of Aéroports de Paris SA.
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[1] ANSSI: Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (National Cybersecurity Agency of France)  
[2] PASSI: Prestataires d’Audit de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (Information Systems Security Audit Service Providers)
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